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LOCATION: This shop locate in a very nice place which is in Subang SS15, just next to starbucks, our main customer is the student from INTI COLLEGE AND TAYLOR COLLEGE. The amount of students keep increasing from year to year. MPSJ just build a big car park, so that you can expand the business not just student but also commercial.

BUSINESS DECRIPTION: Our main business operation including: 1) Photostat 2) Computer printing 3) Chinese art framing 4) Comb binding and filing 5) Laminate Including the shop manager, 3 peoples are needed to operate the shop. In front of our shop, we already rent out 2 corners (left and right).

The only main competitor is few shops away from our shop. Our shop is operated for 7 years, and it is stable and profitable. We break even within 1 years, from the date we start this business. We are quite famous among the INTI COLLEGE and TAYLOR COLLEGE student.

REASON FOR SALE: 1) Shareholders own other business, and they focus on it. 2) There is some argue between shareholders and shop manager. 3) Shop manager wish to buy this shop, but rejected by shareholders due to the argue. So shareholders decide to open to outsider.


地点简介: 地点位于SUBANG JAYA SS15,STARBUCKS隔壁,主要的生意来源为INTI COLLEGE 和 TAYLOR COLLEGE。地点相当好。学生多,生意稳定。MPSJ刚刚新建一个大停车场在对面。到时生意可以扩展到外来者而不局限于学生。

生意简介: 主要从事业务有: 1)复印 (四台大复印机) 2)电脑影印(十六架电脑加复印机) 3)做卷轴 (一整套卷轴机) 4) COMB BINDING & FILE 5) LAMINATE 包括店长,营运只需三个人。前面已经有租给两个现成租户。主要的竞争对手只有一组。

这间店开设已有7年,可以说有稳定的基础。开始此生意不到一年已经回本。时不时还能做COMPANY TRIP。 此店在INTI COLLEGE 和TAYLOR COLLEGE 已有相当的知名度。可以说是‘’无人不知,无人不晓‘’。我们相信对大家想要做生意的,绝对是事半工倍。

出顶原因: 1)股东有自己的生意,无法兼顾,很早就有把生意卖掉的意思。 2)这个月与店长发生不愉快的事成为导火线。 3)店长有意思顶下这间店。无料因为之前的不愉快,股东拒绝。所以决定向外开放。

Malaysia, Selangor,

Business seek for: Full sale of business

Percentage of stake: 100%

Selling Price/Loan Amount: MYR 100,000

Category: Sector & Category OTHERS, PRINTING & STATIONERIES

Annual Turnover MYR 550,000

Annual EBITA MYR 120,000

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