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General Summary

My online pure play business operating on Lazada for sale.

- Business are already running, generating revenue and already profitable

- Unique product, we have low competition, hence able to maintain healthy margin despite outsourcing our operation.

- Low OPEX, asset light, easier to scale up the business and expand

- The operation is automated via operation outsourcing (with healthy margin)

- 3 active products with 1 hero product (sells about 300+ units monthly) generating majority (98%) of the profit

- Product listing is SEO optimized and strong reviews, very difficult for competitor to enters

- Sales are generated almost automatically due to strong established listing

- Achieve profitability on day one due to no fixed operation cost, can expand or shrink easily if market condition changes

- Business monthly NET PROFIT RM1,500-RM2,500 Immediate opportunity

- Expand to Shopee can potentially double the income & profit

- Add more products to increase overall checkout basket size

- Take over the operation to fulfill orders yourself you can immediately increase profit margin by further 10%-15%

What's your daily task like?

- You will have to answer 1-2 customers enquiry per week

- Monitor sales movement bi-weekly to take immediate action if required

- Monthly checking financial statement from Lazada to check all charges and payout tally

- Find new product, find supplier, negotiate price, arrange shipment.

- If you are bringing in new product, ensure product listings are optimize

What will you be buying?

- The business operation, the entire business & operation setup that can enable it to runs on auto-run

- Business account on Lazada with the product listing

- Supplier contacts

- Knowledge transfer (I will teach you how to do product research, how to find your product suppliers, how to negotiate price, A-Z to import product to sell, warehouse operation and etc to keep operation cost low)

Who is suitable for this business?

1) If you are currently operating a retail business and looking for online as expansion, this can be your great opportunity because we have a strong hero product it can help you in 2 ways.

(1) Help your other offline product to gain online sales

(2) If you have retail staff, they can help you fulfill your order, you move the order fulfillment task to them and like I mentioned above increase profitability by +10%-15% 2)

If you are new entrepreneur looking to establish an online business, this is a great start for you.

You can keep our established business operating model by outsourcing operation so that you don't have to be bogged down by fulfilling orders and focus on new products eventually having 4-5 hero product you'll have a healthy profit of RM8k-RM10k / month

Asking price: RM25,000 (nego), exclude stocks (stocks can be included subject to the value at time of negotiation)

ROI: 10 months - 12 months (This means if you don't do anything extra, just keeping the business running by re-stocking the stocks you will get your money back in 10 or 12 months. If you put little bit more effort such as get the listing on shopee successful then of course, the return will be much faster)


Q: Why do I want to leave the business? A: This is a side business that I runs, and I want to focus back on my main business which require more attention. I'm not able to spend more time on this business to take it to the next level, hence it is appropriate to pass it to the next person. 

Q: Why buy this online business from you? Can't I setup myself with zero cost? A: Sure you can setup your self at no cost, but if you don't know how to do it, it is going to take you a long time and maybe a lot of pain and lost of money. Finding the right product won't be easy as well. Besides this business is already profitable. Even if you failed to expand it, you can still sleep at night knowing you'll get your investment back very quickly just by maintaining it.

Q: Why buy your business vs any other business? A: We are asset light, no franchise fees, no rental, low opex business. If you buy a DIY laundry business probably cost you 200k-300k, but only generate 4k-5k profit excluding machine breakdowns theft and etc. If you buy any other retail business, it comes with fixed rental and overhead cost and requires some attention from you to runs it. If it fails you'll be losing money every month due to overhead cost not to mention the initial investment

Remark: - This is a legitimate business that import our own product with our own brand name. - This is not MLM or fake health product, or any investment scheme

- Due to sensitivity, we cannot reveal store name and product until we reach further discussion

Malaysia, Selangor,

Business seek for: Full sale of business

Percentage of stake: 100%

Selling Price/Loan Amount: MYR 25,000

Category: Sector & Category OTHERS, RETAILS

Annual Turnover MYR 72,000

Annual EBITA MYR 30,000


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